How to Hack PUBG Mobile Using GameGuardian

Download and How to Use the PUBGM Hack Script - Using a cheat or hack on PUBG Mobile is one of the instant ways we can do to get winner winner chicken dinner and easily reach top rank. Although the PUBG Mobile MOD APK is no longer available, we can still hack or cheat on this PUBG Mobile game by importing the script hack using GameGuardian.

After a long time the MOD APK PUBGM cannot be used, now i will share a new ways to be able to use cheats in this game. Various features embedded in this script hack can make you win a match and get a chicken dinner easily. This hack can be used in all modes such as solo, duo, or squad mode. And it's even more exciting that the PUBG Hack Script can be used on all Android devices that have not been rooted (non root) or devices that have been rooted.

Features PUBG Mobile Hack :

  • Wallhack
  • Ultra Aimbot
  • No Recoil
  • Auto Headsot
  • Antenna
  • Tracking Bullet
  • Magic Bullet
  • Body White/Black, Body Colour, HDR Colour, Etc
  • Clear Sky/Black Sky/White Sky
  • No Grass
  • No Trees
  • Increase Firing Rate/Speed Guns (All Weapon)
  • Set Aim (Auto Aim)
  • Facebook Login
  • No Root
  • No Ban (Anti Banned)
  • And many more...

Download PUBG Mobile Hack Tools :

How to Use Script Hack on PUBG Mobile using GameGuardian :

  1. First, download and install the Dual Space MOD application in the link above
  2. Next Clone PUBG APK using Dual Space to virtual
  3. Then Install GameGuardian APK, Open and Select the icon SW, then select default to install GameGuardian so you can get the installation results with random names
  4. After that, Clone GameGuardian with a random name on virtual
  5. If everything is installed, run the virtual application> open GameGuardian> click start
    Note: If the GameGuardian icon does not appear or is not visible at run time, please enter the settings menu> installed application select GameGuardian> change permissions "Display Pop-Up Windows" to accept / accept / allow
  6. After that, run the PUBG game through the virtual application
  7. After PUBGM opens, click on the GameGuardian icon> Select Select Process> Select PUBG Mobile
  8. Then run the cheat / hack script that was downloaded earlier by clicking on the "Execute Script" menu> Select or search for the second format file that has been downloaded
  9. Then the script menu will appear, select Bypass> Click ok. Wait until the loading is 100% complete
  10. After that, tap back to the guardian game icon and select the cheat / hack feature that you want activated when in lobby like Wallhack, No Recoil, etc.
    Note: Don't activate all cheats or hack because not everything works properly
  11. If you have selected which cheat you want to activate, find a match on PUBGM to start the match
  12. While In the room or when you playing the game, you can also activate or deactivate any cheat feature on the gameguardian.

Additional Note: In order to get no banned by tencent games, if the match is complete please force stop or forcefully turn off the Virtual application and clear the cache of the virtual application. Repeat this step after each match to avoid the risk of tires. If the "Data Has Been Changed" notification does not click ok but immediately force close / force close all applications related to the PUBGM cheat so that you are not getting banned for 1 year.

That's a brief article from me about Download and How to Use the PUBGM Script Hack with Game Guardian. For those of you who have questions or suggestions, don't forget to add them via the comments column below. And don't forget to always visit the IndoroidWeb website so that you always get the Premium APK and other MOD Games for free.
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