Download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.10.0 For Android

For those of you who don't know PUBG Mobile Lite is a lightweight version of PUBG Mobile games that allows you to play more smoothly and without lag on your smartphone. With the Lite version of this game, you can easily play PUBG Mobile by using low-end android or low specs such as Smartphones that only have 1/2 GB RAM can play PUBG Mobile Lite smoothly without stuttering.

PUBG MOBILE LITE is made using Unreal Engine 4 technology, the PUBG MOBILE version is compatible with almost all smartphone devices and also in the Lite version of PUBG it has been optimized for smartphone devices that have small RAM. In this lite version you will get a very interesting gameplay experience from PUBG and millions of fans around the world. PUBG MOBILE LITE displays smaller maps that have been created for 40 players, which means making the game faster and of course still maintaining the style of playing traditional PUBG!

Gameplay Features PUBG Mobile Lite

Below are various interesting features that you can enjoy by playing PUBG Mobile Lite, for those of you who want to download the Lite version of the PUBG game, please scroll down this article until you find the download link.

1. PUBG Mobile Lite

40 players use parachutes and plunge into an island measuring 2 x 2 km graphically to fight a prize winner. Players have to scavenge for their own weapons, vehicles, and supplies, while struggling out in the shrinking play zone to become the last player to stand up. Prepare to land, loot, and do whatever is needed to survive ... This is Battle Royale!

2. High Quality Graphic and HD Audio

The powerful Unreal Engine 4 creates a stunning visual experience with stunning details, realistic gameplay effects, and a very large HD map, perfect for Battle Royale. Immerse yourself in the world while playing PUBG with high quality audio and rich 3D sound effects.

3. Realistic Weapon

Choose from a growing array of lethal firearms, melee weapons, and throws, each with realistic ballistics and travel trajectories, which gives you the choice to shoot, beat or burn your opponent. Oh, and there is also a pot that can deflect bullets here.

4. Play with Friends

Invite and join your friends to coordinate battle plans through voice chat and prepare a perfect ambush for the enemy you are facing.

5. Fair Gameplay Without Cheater

A powerful anti-cheat mechanism ensures a pleasant and fair environment for all PUBG MOBILE LITE players.

Not just a game. This is Battle Royale. And you need to know PUBG Mobile Lite is still in the BETA stage, which means that you can still get a few bugs or other flaws that you can find when the gameplay takes place. If you have questions, problems, or suggestions, you can contact CS PUBG via PUBG Mobile's official fanpage email on Facebook.

App Information :

Final Version: 0.10.0
Publish Date: 2018-10-26
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Publisher: Tencent Games

How to Install PUBG Mobile Lite on Android

  1. Download PUBG Mobile Lite v0.10.0 Official APK + Data!
  2. Extract apk + data using ZArchiver (download via the link below)
  3. After successfully extracting it, install PUBG Mobile Lite Apk
  4. After the Apk is installed, open the android folder and copy the PUBG Mobile Lite OBB folder
  5. Move the OBB folder to sdcard> Android> OBB Directly duplicate / replace the folder
  6. Finally, you can open PUBG Mobile Lite, login and Congratulations on fighting!

PUBG Mobile Lite v0.9.0 Official APK+Data | 334 MB | via Google Drive
PUBG Mobile Lite v0.10.0 Official APK+Data | 334 MB | via Apk Mirror

ZArchiver Pro v0.9.1 Final Version | 3.4 MB | via Google Drive

So thats it my article about Download the Latest Android Version of PUBG Mobile Lite, Hopefully it can help you especially those who have smartphones with low specs but want to play PUBG Mobile smoothly. If there is an error link, please report immediately by commenting through the comments column below. And don't forget to always visit the IndoroidWeb website so you always get useful information about games. Thank you!!
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