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Doki Doki Literature Club! is a VN game made by "Team Salvato" which was released for PC platform on September 22, 2017. After several days of release, this game immediately skyrocketed, popular, and famous for one of the character MC's personality named Monica who has the nature Yandere. If we play this Doki Doki Literature Club game on a PC and choose another MC route other than Monica, it is said that a strange event will happen to our PC like a game that cannot be closed even if using Force Close, or other MC killings because we do not choose characters named Monica but other characters. Well, the weirdness or strange incident is what made this game Famous and now is the Visual Novel game that is mostly played by otaku around the worlds.

After almost 1 year from release date, now we can Download and Play Doki Doki Literature Club game on our Smartphone or Android devices, yes no doubt we can play the visual novel games Doki Doki Literature Club Android Version. For matters of gameplay, nothing has been changed on the Android version and almost the same as the version on the PC, for those of us who can't wait to download this game just click on the link below:

The size of the Doki Doki Literature Club game on Android is only around 213MB and in the RAR file there is already APK + Data, which we will transfer it to the internal folder of the Doki Doki Literature Club game "com.refii.ddlc" in order to open this game, for the method please see below.

How to Install Doki Doki Literature Club on Android

  1. First you need to download the DDLC v1.6.4 Game form the link above
  2. After finish download extract the file using zarchiver if you download using android or if you download via PC please extract the RAR file using WinRAR
  3. After extracting, move the Folder named "com.refii.ddlc" to Internal Storage instead of Internal / Android, look carefully so that there is no error see as shown below
  4. After that, please open the game and play !!

Remember !! There are indeed a number of Main Characters or other beautiful girls in the Visual Nover game Doki Doki Literature Club that you can choose but if you don't want to be sad or bad ending choose MC Monica because besides being beautiful if you choose this one character you will get the chance to save the other MC. But for those of you who can't stand beautiful characters and other moe - moe, please choose your favorite and see what happens, dare to play it? Are you ready to feel the heart pounding due to the situation of Romance and Horror? If you are ready this game is perfect for you.

Note: If you have an error when opening the game, please rename the game folder and move it according to its place. How is it, bro? do you dare to play this game? and don't forget to choose Monica route because it's all about Monica and only Monica hehe. And for those of you who are experiencing difficulties both during the Download and Installation process please comment in the comments column below, yeah, and don't forget to subscribe this site so that you get the latest news about other hitz games !!!
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